Mechanical Process Engineering II (Product Engineering) Specialization course


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Peukert


Time and Place:

16:15 - 17:45
(alternating with exercise course)
10:15 - 11:45
(alternating with exercise course)
By arrangement
(Alternating with lecture)
irregular intervals
Monday 14:15 - 15:45
Friday 14:15 - 15:45
By arrangement
(Cauerstraße 4)
(Cauerstraße 4)
(Cauerstraße 4)
KS 1 (Cauerstraße 4)
Room 1.379
(Cauerstraße 4)


Product Engineering means the tailoring of well-defined product properties in chemical engineering and materials science. At the beginning, property functions of particulate matter, which relate the material property to the dispersed properties of the particles, are discussed. Subsequently different processes of particle production including gas phase synthesis, precipitation and size reduction are described. Special emphasis is given to the formation and formulation of nano-structured products, whose properties are tailored by interfacial engineering. In parallel, we offer classroom exercises and basic technical practice sessions. Examples are covering applications from chemical and pharmaceutical engineering and material science. The lecture addresses interests of chemical engineers and life science engineers as well as those of material scientists, energy engineers, chemists or physicists.

Printed scripts can be picked at the office of Julian Esper(Cauerstraße 4, Room 0.224).

Exercise course


Maximilian Domaschke
Julian Esper

Consultation Hours:

Consultation hours by arrangement.

Time and Place:

The exercise course takes place in irregular intervals alternating with the lecture.

Exercising sheets:

Will be uploaded on StudOn.


Will be uploaded on StudOn.

  • In addition to passing the lab exercise, passing the homework assignments is also required for exam admission.
  • The homework assignments are to be worked on in groups of max. 4 persons (it is recommended to use the same groups as in the lab exercise)
  • In total 5 homework assignments will be provided
  • For exam admission, every homework assignment must be passed with min. 50%
  • Two weeks after handing out the homework (deadline is written on the exercise sheet) one elaborated assignment per group must be submitted to the advisors of the exercise course. If no assignment is handed in, the homework assignment is considered as failed.


The tutorials serve as an aid in the processing of homework.


Lisa Eckendörfer
Philipp Rothgängel

Time and Place:

The tutorials take place in irregular intervals. The exact dates will be announced in the lecture/exercise course.

Lab exercise


Cornelia Damm

Time and place:

The lab exercises take place at the Lehrstuhl für Feststoff- und Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik, Cauerstr. 4.
The dates for the exercise will be announced at the beginning of the semester.


Dispersing Room 0.346
Cauerstr. 4
Muhammad Saad Ali
Patrick Herre
Flocculation and Filtration Room 0.346
Cauerstr. 4
Melanie Sattes
Vanessa Hinterberger
Noble metal nanoparticles Room 1.372
Cauerstr. 4
Cornelia Damm
Andreas Güldenpfennig


  • The formation of groups is binding. It is not possible to change the group during the semester.

  • Participation in the lab sessions is obligatory in order to get the permission for the examination.

  • To prove knowledge about the topic and for safety reasons, the group of participants in the lab sessions has to pass a colloquium in order to start the experiments. Content of the colloquium is: Basics of the lecture Particle Technology (core course) and Product Engineering (specialization course) and the experimental directions of the respective Lab session.

  • It is not possible to carry out the experiment without passing the colloquium. One retry can be done during the current semester.

  • Each group has to compose a protocol about the experiment carried out in the respective lab session. The protocols of the lab sessions have to be handed to the responsible lab assistant within one week after the experiment. If no fully accepted protocol is delivered after three weeks the group has failed to pass the lab exercise and is not authorized to take part in the exam.

  • The protocol should be structured as follows:

    1. Introduction
    2. Experimental setup and procedure
    3. Results and discussion of results
    4. Summary
      Individual arrangements with the lab assistants have to be considered.


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