Fluid-Solid-Flows - Optional Course


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. K.-E. Wirth

Time and Place:

Practical course
12:15 - 13:45 Uhr
12:15 - 13:45 Uhr
by arrangement
Kurssaal II
(Cauerstraße 4)
Kurssaal II
(Cauerstraße 4)
LMVT 1.379
(Cauerstraße 4)


Timo Strer
Raum: 1.726, Technische Halle, Haberstr. 9
Telefon: 09131/85-28291


The course Fluid-Solids-Flows intends to demonstrate the feasibility of describing the global hydrodynamics of complex flows even by means of simple methods. The theoretical design of a pneumatic conveyor is used as an example to demonstrate the various problems associated with different flow conditions. Based on simple mass and force balances, an attempt is made to define a mathematical model for these horizontal gas-solids-flows. In a subsequent approach, this model will be expanded on vertical gas-solids-flows, as they are used e.g. in circulating fluidized beds. The models just mentioned finally permit computation of state diagrams, from which important information for the design and the operation of gas-solids-flows can be derived. In the technical practice sessions conducted in parallel with the lectures, experiments demonstrating the operation of hydraulic conveyors and the phenomena observed in circulating fluidized beds are performed. The lectures are supplemented and augmented by parallel classroom exercises.


For admission to the course on Fluid-Solids-Flows, no special prerequisites have to be met. Previous attendance of the core course Particle Technology I and the specialization course Product Engineering is advantageous however.


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